Château Ferté St Aubin

Discover Château de la Ferté Saint-Aubin, an elegant and informative website. Explore the history and events of the castle, and plan your visit.


Château de la Ferté Saint-Aubin is an elegant and informative website inviting visitors to explore the history and events of the castle. The website is designed to offer an immersive experience, allowing visitors to plan their visit and discover the hidden treasures of the castle. In our continuous pursuit of innovation and creating impactful digital solutions, we had the privilege to collaborate with an ambitious client to create a cutting-edge website. This project embodies our commitment to designing engaging and functional online experiences while meeting the specific needs of our clients.

What We Did

Web DevelopmentResponsive DesignHeadless CMSSEO

Our client, keen on enhancing their online presence and improving their brand image, entrusted us with the mission of designing a website that is both aesthetic and performant. Among the key challenges were creating a modern and minimalist design, integrating a flexible content management system, and ensuring optimal visibility on search engines.


Minimalist and Modern Design: Guided by a distinctly contemporary aesthetic, together we crafted a minimalist design that highlights the essentials while providing a captivating visual experience. Every element was carefully considered to reflect the brand identity and captivate visitors' attention.

Integration of a Headless CMS: To enable our client to maintain complete control over their online content, we integrated a CMS ( This headless approach offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing our client to edit and arrange sections of the site, even create new pages at will, without compromising the integrity of the design.

SEO Optimization: Concerned with maximizing the site's visibility and ranking on search engines, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. From optimizing meta tags to creating a coherent content structure, every aspect was meticulously examined to ensure optimal online presence.

Optimized Performance: By using a cutting-edge framework, we ensured that the site is not only aesthetic but also fast and responsive. Special attention was paid to performance optimization, thus guaranteeing a smooth and immersive browsing experience for every visitor.


Thanks to our close collaboration with the client and our commitment to excellence, the newly designed website has exceeded all expectations. Not only does it perfectly embody the client's brand image, but it also offers a dynamic and highly functional online platform. With increased visibility on search engines and optimal user experience, our client is poised to conquer new horizons in the digital world.

This project perfectly illustrates our ability to turn challenges into opportunities and create digital solutions that truly make a difference. We are proud of our partnership with our client and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation together.